Brass monobloc padlock with standard or long shackle and roller shutter padlock fully sheated.

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  • Security padlocks locks
    Security padlocks locks
    Security padlocks locks

Products range

  • Standard shackle padlock.
  • Long shackle padlock.
  • Heavy duty solid brass shutter padlockswith snap operating locking bar 
  • Heavy duty shutter padlocks horizontally or fully sheathed by carbonitrided, hardened and chrome plated steel cover on solid brass bodywith snap operating locking bar
  • Padlocks can be supplied:
  • Keyed alike (KA).
  • Keyed as per sample (KS).
  • Masterized (MK or GMK).
  • Preassembled.
  • Blister packed.
  • Accessories available.

Security features

  • Paracentric keyway.
  • Double locking.
  • Snap operating carbonitrided, hardened and nickel plated steel shackle or steel locking rod.
  • Tumbler key mechanism.
  • Heavy duty padlocks with 3 mm. carbonitrided, hardened and chrome plated cover.
  • 5 pin tumbler key mechanism (2 picking resistant and anti drill 1st pin).

Material specification

  • Extruded solid brass body and plug.
  • Carbonitrided and hardened steel cover, shackle and locking bar.
  • Inox steel inside cylinder springs.
  • Keys obtained from brass strip.


  • Grinded brass body and nickel plated steel shackle for standard and long shackle.
  • Grinded brass body and chrome plated locking bar for shutter padlocks.
  • Chrome plated steel locking bar and cover for heavy duty armoued padlocks.


  • Singly boxed into multiple packaging.


  • The mechanical operation of all our Security padlocks is guaranteed 5 years.